Over 9,000 Airports In Your Pocket

Features That Matter

Airport Search

Search weather stations around the world

Search For Airports

Search from over 9,000 airports around the world

Quick Data

Airport data at a quick glance

Quick Data

The most important data is displayed in your list of favorite airports so you can see it all quickly


Includes TAF data (when available)

TAF Data

See the current weather and also get the latest forecast data for airports that report it


Includes precipitation data (when reported)

Precipitation Data

See the 1, 3 , 6, and 24 hour precipitation and snow depth data (when reported)

Cloud Layers

Organized cloud layers that are easy to parse

Cloud Layers

See the cloud layers organized by type: Few, Broken, Scattered, Overcast

Pressure Trends

Includes additional pressure trend data

Pressure Trends

Pressure trend and sea level pressure data for your inner scientist

Beautiful User Interface

Beautifully designed METAR and TAF details that let you see the data you need in an organized, easy-to-read format.

  • See important airport data at a quick glance

  • Over 9,000 airports in your pocket

  • Quickly access weather conditions at your favorite airports

  • Includes TAF data

  • See the precipitation data when available

  • Including today extension (widget)

  • So fast, your friends will wonder where you’re getting your data

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